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blackhole of time.

Bunspace. It is kicking my ass worse than cute overload, phd comics, can i has cheeseburger, and cute with chris -- combined!!

Miso, up close and personal



check us out!


I wasn't there this time, because the little man gets too jealous of my bunny time...



I am obsessed with video. I had never been able to capture binkies in still film -- not for lack of trying.

So, yes, my cat really is that loud when she wants my attention.

just a quickie

almost too fast to comprehend, my little Miso

(that nasty loud noise is my bf going ooooooohhhhhhhhhh after seeing the height and speed)

first video

YAY camera! This is miso being tormented. I took another this morning before morning pellets. Got some half-assed binkies... will post that later.

ouch, my back

My freaking boyfriend's mattress is too soft and he is attached to it. I need to find a way to make my half firm. It is a pillowtop stearns & foster - and it is one of those super deep mattresses. I HATE it.

I don't even know if the 'too soft' corrections will help me since it is a stupid pillowtop
use a 'bed board'
Mattress salesmen and claims are full of shit
memory foam ... blah blah

I think I won't get a foam pad to put on top. First step is to put a board under the mattress part I sleep on Next step is to put a board DIRECTLY under me, and put foam on top of that.

december of rolo

Young love. Simple. Beautiful.

And even more. He is a busy dude.